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Senior Ruby Developer

Удалённо из любой локации
От 225 000 до 300 000 руб.
Ruby on Rails
Английский язык
Размещено 2 недели назад
We're looking for a senior-level web developer with experience in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We would love to work with a pro-active person, who not only solves tasks but suggests improvements on the codebase level as well as on product and company level, and who shares knowledge within the team on meetups and in chats. We are open to a person with ambitions to fill in the Team Lead role.
About the job
  • We are not looking for a developer for some specific project, rather than a person to join our company and then we will form a team for future or current projects.
  • We expect you to take on the role of the person with the most experience in the team, able to guide others and share knowledge.
  • You will work with a team of junior/middle developers (2-4 people).
  • Salary 𝚫: 20k—40k USD.
  • For development we usually use Kanban or similar process in Trello, Pivotal of Jira, communicate in Slack channels and via Zoom calls, and store documentation in Notion. We also use Holacracy for organizational governance.
  • Apart from working on projects we will encourage you to gain and share knowledge, discuss your personal development and contribute to company's activities.
  • You'll have colleagues all around the globe, variety of channels in Slack like #animal-therapy, #cooking, #ihateremotework and remote team spirit.
We expect that you
  • Can design a whole system of application
  • Have experience working with different kind of teams and projects
  • Research new technologies and promote them inside the team (new libraries, tools, techniques: refactoring, debugging, etc.)
  • Will constantly suggest innovations on the project
  • Release own projects
  • Understand yourself: have good habits, know how to be productive and how to rest
  • Have knowledge of English on the level which allows you to feel comfortable communicating in it (verbally and written) the whole working day.
  • Know how important it is to communicate with the team and inform others about what you are doing, so you stick to open and frequent communication. It is important for us.
It will be a plus if you keen to become a Team Lead or already have this experience and know what skills are necessary to be a good Team Lead.
About us
We work remotely #remote and know how to do it well.
We care about people #people-first and projects #work-as-a-team-with-clients.
We build mobile and web apps for our clients. See case studies. Usually we work with clients for years and work as a single team.
  • 50% compensation for self-development activities: courses, conferences, books, educational platforms, English, sports.
  • Remote work and flexible schedule (actually no schedule at all - you decide when you work).
  • 32 paid days off per year - you can use them for vacations, occasional days off, and public holidays, only workdays count.
  • Full coverage of sick leaves.
  • 200 USD per year for medical expenses.
  • 500 USD per year for home office equipment.
Дополнительные инструкции
How to apply 💌
In order to apply send us a message to join@datarockets.com with your CV. In the message tell us about you and your experience, share some examples of your code. Also, we are curious about your thoughts on the questions below, please, add your answers to the cover letter.
  • How do you organize business logic in your app?
  • What would you do if you suspect that a gem doesn't work as you expected? How would you debug this?
  • How do you deploy your apps? What experience do you have with infrastructure?
Check out our interview process for more information.
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